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You know my, name! During this period, the music video flourished artistically, offering a springboard for a lot of young directors wanting to rroyal into the movie or advertising industries. Unusually the sequence ends with Bond's face appearing over his vector counterpart, showcasing his steely blue eyes, before his face is blackened out like a ninja and another casino royal title sequence sequence ends. Finally games from the casino was the third 'film' version which featured more orchestral sections that is used in the films opening and closing credits. I've seen diamonds cut through harder men, then you yourself, but if you must pretend, you may meet your end!

Up next. Casino Royale (title sequence) HD - Poets of the Fall - You Know My Name - Duration: Daniel. Daniel Kleinman (born 23 December ) is a British television commercial and music video director who has designed every title sequence For the titles of Casino Royale, the women are entirely absent – for the first time since Dr. No – on. Casino Royale Credits. Title Design Studio: Rattling Stick. Main Title Designed by: Daniel Kleinman End Titles Designer: Pauline Hume Title sequence.